Veranda house

single family house / 2019 / Falenty / 220 m2 1

House for a young couple with two children. The classic functional program of the house has been extended to include a study room with two computer stations, a sauna, a workshop and a double garage in the block of the house.

The form and character of the house results from the design guidelines presented to us by investors. The style of wabi-sabi, the form of a modern barn and the reluctance to fully open holiday space are the main goals that we had to fulfill when designing this house.

The house has the shape of a simplified barn with an extension in the form of a small veranda, in which there are rest rooms (living room cabinet and terrace). Dividing the lump of the house into a ‘barn’ and ‘porch’, we managed to separate the living room space from the rest of the day zone located on the ground floor. On the first floor there is a night zone consisting of the parents’ bedroom, two symmetrical children’s rooms, workshop, dressing room and bathroom.

The facade of the house was made of bricks in dark red color, bituminous roof tiles and wooden window frames.
The interior is decorated in warm colors of beige, gray and brown – finishing materials are mainly wood and concrete.