Stan Surowy – GastroPub

2018 / Warsaw st. Patriotów 160 / interior design

Stan Surowy is a place which is also a restaurant serving food inspired by Asian cuisine and a bar atmosphere, which you can drop in for an elegant drink in the evening.

Concrete with different dyes covers all the walls and the floor of the flat, giving it an industrial character. The electrical and ventilation installations that have been included in this stylistics have been left unveiled. In addition, the industrial effect has been strengthened by the use of steel structures, such as a suspended bar, suspended ceilings from a welded mesh or welded mesh wall that is a rack for climbing plants, paintings and neon.

References to Asia should be sought in wooden elements, as in Japanese architecture, this material has been used to create a simple and geometric space. Furniture with their equal divisions determines the calm rhythm of the interior. Oak wood has been used here to build bar furniture, fill kitchen cabinets, shelves, tables and bar stools – all of these elements have been carefully designed by us.

An important element of the interior is ubiquitous vegetation, large trees placed between the tables divide the optically large open space of the restaurant, thus creating intimate corners, more willingly chosen by the guests of the premises.

Golden accents in the form of door handles, doors and plaster colors give the space elegance. This is particularly well seen in the evenings, when the restaurant changes into a atmospheric bar.