Small barn house

single family house and interiors  2020 | construction 2021 | Warsaw, Białołęka | 120 m2 + 40 m2 garage

Design of a modern, small single-family house and classic barn form. A house designed for a family with two children.

The house is situated on a plot with a driveway from the south-east. Additionally, the investor asked to close the lack of windows in the north-east direction. We moved the house as far as possible from the driveway and opened its southern façades to the garden. On the southern slope of the roof, we installed a large number of each photovoltaic cell, so we arranged the projection so that there was no need to make a roof window here.

A free-standing garage construction costs of products and energy loss. An external garage connector, a house sheltered against rainfall with a light wooden roof.

The shape of the house resembles a barn. Simplified, minimalist details in the form of hidden markets and delicate flashing of the roof give the body a very modern character.

The house and interior will be finished with warm, natural materials. We use lightly fired wooden boards on the facade. The window joinery will be wooden.

The interior is dominated by wood and concrete. The choice of materials for this modern block of a very warm and homely atmosphere.