Sister’s house in mountains

2021 / Brzeziny, woj. Podkarpackie / single family house design / 110 m2
Agnieszka Radomska, Mateusz Frankowski, Jakub Oleksiński, Fryderyk Graniczny, Marcin Solarek,
The house, as its name suggests, was designed for two sisters. Our goal was to organize an equal division of space. So we proposed a perfectly symmetrical layout of the rooms. The spacious day zone is located in the central part of the house, and almost identical night zones on both sides. In addition, each room has large glazing for a beautiful view of the Subcarpathian hills.
The house, with its layout, opens up to the landscape, and its form tries to fit into this landscape.
The usable area of ​​the house is 110 m2. The house’s program includes three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a storeroom and a huge (for the size of the house) living area.