Picador bakery in Warsaw

2021 / interior design/18 m2 / Warsaw, al. Niepodległości 142A
team: Mateusz Frankowski, Marcin Solarek, Fryderyk Graniczny,  photo: Ignacy Matuszewski, Wiktoria Włoczewska



Picador is a small chain of artisan bakeries. With its visual identification, the brand refers to the atmosphere of Warsaw, pre-war modernism. The restaurant, the interior of which we have designed, fits this image like a glove, because it is located on the ground floor of a pre-war tenement house in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. On site, we found a beautiful, historic floor made of beige and orange cement tiles (the gaps were filled with contemporary Polish tiles from the Modernism Paradyż series), arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Leaving the tiles was an obvious decision, all we had to do was complete the color and material palette.

The heart of this place is the display counter made of green Verde Guatemala marble, above which there is a huge brass lamp. The shelves and display cases are made of smoked oak, the red-brown worktop of the kitchen cabinet is made of Emperador Dark marble. The walls are covered with beige cement tiles and lime paint.

We have balanced the multitude of colors and materials with simple (but functional) forms of furniture. Despite the retro-style color scheme, the interior remains minimalist and modern.

The comprehensive interior design, apart from the stylistic concept, also included executive and workshop designs as well as author’s supervision. wszystkie interior elements, including movable furniture and lamps, were made to measure according to our ideas.