Modernist’s summer house

2022 / single family house design, interior design /130 m2 / przedmieścia Warszawy
architects: Agnieszka Radomska, Marcin Solarek, Fryderyk Graniczny, Mateusz Frankowski,


It is a modern, one-story holiday house with an area of ​​approximately 130 m2, implemented in 2022 according to an individual project. Our comprehensive service included an architectural design, an interior design project as well as supervision and service of construction works. The wide range of our work guarantees a stylistically consistent concept and implementation that is faithfully adhering to the investor’s assumptions.

The house is intended for a family with two children. It is a place where its users will take a break from the city, spending time together surrounded by nature. The bedside area has been compressed to the maximum, small bedrooms are only used for sleeping. The spacious living area with a mezzanine, by maximizing the windows, permeates the surroundings, and after sliding the windows away, the dining room and kitchen connect with the concrete outdoor kitchen. The living room opens with a huge elbow to the wall of the birch forest and the existing swimming pool.

At first glance, the form of the house is simple, in the trend of the so-called “modern barn”. The rectangular shape is covered with a fired larch board, topped with a gable roof covered with a trapezoidal galvanized sheet. There are two independent terraces in the southern wall of the house: the living area and the night area. The terraces are protected by an eaves that protects them from rain, and also protects the interior from overheating.

The architecture of the house is distinguished by carefully developed details. The atypical, sharp end of the roof and hidden gutters give lightness to the roof. Inside, wooden ceiling beams and steel elements of the house structure have been exposed. Prefabricated, recycled concrete stairs, made in the 1980s, which we give a second life to, lead to the mezzanine. Finished with wood and concrete, we have arranged a modern interior with vintage furniture and design icons, including MR Mies van der Rohe chairs, Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop lamps and flowerbeds in the Bauhaus style by Emile Guyot for Thonet.

The facility is a holiday home and will be used occasionally, therefore we decided to use walls with low thermal inertia (little energy and time will be needed to heat or cool them down). It will be made of prefabricated elements made in the technology of a light wooden skeleton, placed on a foundation slab