House in Kędzierzyn-Koźle

House in Kedzierzyn is designed for permanent residence of two elderly people. The classic functional program is expanded with two guestrooms, a large pantry, a sauna and big garage.

House has a compact plan in the shape of a square. The fireplace is the central point, around which the living area is set up. The night zone is separated from the rest of the house, it has its own, intimate corridor, connected to the living room by a narrow passage. Garage, although looks like a separate block, is directly connected to the kitchen.

Local ordinance determined the shape and height of the roof. The building is dominated by the symmetrical hipped roof, it gives it a traditional character. We decided to emphasize it by designing a symmetrical front elevation. Elevation from the side of the garden is shaped more freely.

Investor wanted a modest and calm elevation, so we proposed an elegant juxtaposition of white plaster and graphite roof. The color of the house is warmed by wooden finishes, in form of window frames, soffit and garage walls.

The interior of the house is designed with simplicity and minimalism. The white space, with a few wooden additions, is a wonderful background for a living room, dominated by its raised plywood ceiling.