Pastry shop Frank

2018 / interior design / visual identity / Warsaw Polna 18/20

Frank Warsaw is a confectionery concept inspired by New York and based on the unknown in Poland American sweets. The flagship products are ice sandwiches, you will also find here, among others, cakes, pies, tarts, and delicious coffee. wszystkie items on the menu are interpreted in a modern way by the founder of the confectionery shop – Olga Siewert Frankowska.

The visual identification of the brand refers to its character, which combines the bold and modern style of the confectionery products with the home atmosphere of a family café. Translating the combination of these two opposites into the graphic language, we decided to use warm colors, pleasant to touch materials and contrast them with abstract, geometric spatial forms. The color of visual identification has a direct impact on the interior color. Intense yellow dominates the space – it covers the whole vinyl floor, walls are partially salmon colored, bar cabinet is cherry colored, and there are strong black accents. The whole is completed with a lot of natural wood and soft fabrics on the seats.

Furnishings are specially designed for this place. With their shape, they create the geometric character of the space. These include, among others, the bar’s furnishing decorated with vertical divisions, shelves made with rectangular and irregular divisions, alternating square and round stools, and above all the abstract logotype of the brand in the form of a large neon, occupying a central position in the interior.

The ubiquitous cacti are necessary additions, their presence brings live greenery, and their expressive shapes perfectly complement the geometric character of the interior.